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The Greenroom first blossomed at the Philadelphia Flower Show in 2020, to explore Cannabis’ journey from taboo to mainstream. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society has been dedicated to using horticulture to advance health and well-being for 200 years, so it was a fantastic partnership to bring cannabis front and center in the minds of a quarter million show attendees.

At last year’s Flower Show we welcomed over 10,000 cannabis-curious visitors to The Greenroom.

Together with more than 20 experts from our sponsor partners - Herbology, Grassroots, Keystone Shops, and Prime Wellness - we helped visitors learn about the history and medicinal value of cannabis in all of its forms, and we strived to de-stigmatize cannabis with unbiased, factual information. For those interested in learning about how to acquire a medical card in their home state, we also provided education and directions for connecting with a certified prescribing medical professional.

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The Greenroom was so groundbreaking, we received tremendous press interest and exposure from outlets including PBS, High Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and many others.

The Greenroom
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The Greenroom exhibit brings together visionary cannabis companies to shine a light on this phenomenally beneficial plant.