The First Ever Cannabis Exhibit at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Cannabis has been used as medicine for thousands of years but The Greenroom cannabis exhibit by Chronic will last only nine days at the 2021 Philadelphia Flower Show. Here’s your chance to explore the facts and future of cannabis and its role in our health and wellness at this highly informative and interactive exhibit. Curious about cannabis?

Chronic is the proud organizer of The Flower Show’s most talked about exhibit: The Greenroom

Chronic is a Philadelphia-based branding agency that focuses on cannabis products and brands. The Cannabis Journey from Taboo to Mainstream exhibit brings together several regional cannabis companies to shine a light on this compelling and hotly debated topic.

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Explore the Greenroom

The journey through the exhibit features a multitude of informative and interactive displays pertaining to all things medical marijuana.
Below is what you can expect to find at The Greenroom cannabis exhibit.

Looking for us at the Flower Show?

You can find us in the West Market at site D17.

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